Buying Cryptocurrency Through P2P Exchange Platforms

Consider peer-to-peer trading if the exchange provides such a method of buying cryptocurrency. There are P2P platforms on exchanges: Binance, Bybit, OKEX. This makes it possible to save on commissions and pay for the purchase with almost any wallet or card, if there is a corresponding offer from another user.


Use filters to sort the list of available ads, leaving only the relevant ones. Possible options for sorting options are rate, trading volume, minimum and maximum limits, payment methods, trader statistics/reputation.
Click “Buy” next to the ad you like. Read more detailed terms of the deal. If everything suits you, then open a deal.
Enter the purchase amount. Get details from the seller. A payment window will appear with a countdown to complete the transaction. If necessary, you can communicate with the counterparty in the chat.
After making the payment, mark in the window that it was done. Wait until the seller checks the receipt of the payment and transfers the cryptocurrency to you. It will go directly to the exchange account.
On any exchange, you can contact technical support in a disputable situation, it is also possible to cancel the order, for example, if you accidentally clicked on a payment confirmation that has not yet been transferred. At the time of making the payment, the cryptocurrency in the required amount is frozen on the balance of the counterparty, so even if he does not confirm the payment, you will receive the purchased coins, proving to the support service that the transaction was completed.