Buying with stablecoins on the DEX

On the Binance crypto exchange, there is also the possibility of buying digital assets through a built-in DEX (decentralized exchange with an automatic market maker). The feature is called Liquid Swap. In addition, there are independent DEXs on different blockchains, such as Uniswap or BakerySwap.

Using this method is very easy, but it only works with crypto assets, so you will have to purchase stablecoins or other coins in advance in order to buy the right ones. Consider the process using Binance Liquid Swap as an example:

Log in and go to Finance -> Liquid Swap.
Select the coin to give and receive.
Enter the amount expressed in one of these coins.
The system will automatically calculate the cost, fees and slippage. Slippage is the estimated percentage difference between the final execution price of an operation and the currently displayed price.
Confirm order creation.
The History section displays a view of all completed transactions.